Achieve Optimal Performance

Welcome! I specialize in the art of sports massage, focusing on providing both short-term and long-term tension relief. With my expertise, I help athletes and individuals effectively manage muscle tension, enhance performance, and promote overall well-being. Whether it's preparing athletes for intense competitions or supporting their ongoing recovery and injury prevention, my tailored approach combines various massage techniques and stretches to optimize results. 

15% discount will be for police, firemen, hospital and military personnel

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Personalized Service, Extraordinary Results - Enjoy Deep Tissue and Special Modalities at No Additional Charge.

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60 Minutes Customized Massage

The best offer at Serenity. You'll receive 60 full minutes of a customized massage for $70. You can use any unused credit for up to 3 hours in one appointment. You can also use the subscription for anyone. Use your information to make the appointment.

3hrs of Customized Massages

Thank you for choosing our one of a kind packages. You will receive 60 full minutes of massages each appointment using this package up to 3 hours. A $240 value priced at $225. You can also gift your package to anyone. Schedule their appointment using your information. Thank you for choosing Serenity.